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Shri Sakthi Organic Edible Oils delivering Natural, Hygienic, Unrefined, Cold Pressed edible oils. It's 100% Organic & Wood Pressed. Best for Good & Healthy Life. History of Shri Sakthi Oil : Shri Sakthi Oil is an official brand from Shri Sakthi Marachekku Oil Mill. It launched by Mr R.Mahalingam, MCA who are an Entrepreneur and Online Digital Marketing Expert, Social Worker. Now a day’s edible oils are served with mixing of some low quality oils(Petroleum Products) that are affected our Health and make the chance for Cancer, Stomach Problems, Kidney and Liver problems. The goal of an entrepreneur is to delivering the Qualified, Cold or Wood Pressed, Hygienic Edible Oils with low prices to the peoples with naturally and without mixing of Chemicals, Paraffin Wax, Argemone Oil and other Petroleum Products. Leadership : The plan for launch Shri Sakthi Oil from Shri Sakthi Marachekku Oil Mill that inspired by Dr V.Ramamurthy, MSc who are the leader of “Farmer Producer Company” from “Nature Labs”. He is the fully inspiration to launch Shri Sakthi Oil. The buying of yield full oil seeds, edible oil extraction process and how to use wood chekku to extract qualified edible oils, how to filter the edible oils after extraction are inspired and given by Dr V.Ramamurthy. The effects of modern edible oils also are inspired by Dr V.Ramamurthy. He says that edible oil seeds have high rate so the oil extractors mixing the Paraffin Wax which is the nil color, nil taste from petroleum product. That mixed edible oil have low density and highly refined. So that mixed oil have pure color with low density without taste of oil seeds. A good or quality edible oil have good and real taste of its oil seeds naturally. When we test sesame oil its taste to be the real of sesame seed naturally. Evaluation: The inspiration and data related to “Organic Edible Oil Extraction” are gathered by many of the social members, farmers, and books, websites. The wood chekku or usually called “Ghani” is from the “Vaagai” tree which has relation to extract edible oils in cold press method. The sesame oil extracted from wood chekku with Palm Jaggery(Panai Karuppati). The wood chekku machineries are gathered from some ancient peoples to extract pure and healthy edible oils. The qualified oil seeds are selected to edible oil extraction with wood chekku. Traditional methods for edible oil extraction are followed and its instructions are gathered by the social members and farmers. Mission: The goal and mission of the Shri Sakthi Oil is to produce organic and cold pressed edible oils to the peoples. Also explore the needs of organic edible oils to the peoples live naturally and healthy. Avoiding chemical mixed edible oils and also produce traditional method of oil extraction methods to follow our tradition. Peoples need to know the effects and drawbacks of chemical mixed edible oils. Also we don’t forget our traditional wood pressed oil extraction methods. Vision: Organic edible oils are important to preserve our health proteins, vitamins, low cholesterols and provide other benefits. We need to create our traditional and natural life with only of following our ancient peoples methods for not only extraction but also other methods. We forgot traditional, natural methods of life activities in now days. We need to join our hands to make follow our traditional methods for our new generations.

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